WebProof Launches the NEW Adobe Illustrator Plugin


WebProof continues with its practice of supporting graphic and design industry professionals with the latest improvements and upgrades. This time, Adobe Illustrator has got a new WebProof plugin. This is especially great news for users creating packaging, labels, and posters.

“As you already know, Adobe InDesign already has our plugin. So, we are talking about a new plugin for Adobe Illustrator with the same features. We are letting all WebProof users know that the latest Illustrator plugin version 1.2.2 is available for download,” explains Jakob Adeltoft, founder of WebProof.

Thanks to this useful new plugin WebProof users can send their designs directly from Adobe Illustrator to proofing. As a result, their designs can be approved in matter of seconds.

Jakob Adeltoft believes that this new plugin has a lot to offer to WebProof users: “The great thing about our new Illustrator Plugin is that our users don’t have to produce a PDF file, because this is done in the background. It goes without saying that this option, including other plugin’s features, are huge time savers. All of this eventually leads to increased profit for our users.”

WebProof has built a remarkable reputation as a reliable and easy to use solution, which aims to eliminate all stress and minimize the time required for the proofing process. With more than five million designs approved annually through WebProof, this new plugin definitely comes in handy for numerous graphic and design professionals.


How Secure is your Document Proofing Process?

The proud founder Jakob Adeltoft, CTO – receiving the ISO 27001 Certificate for WebProof “Online Platform for Collaboration and Approval Documents”.

Is it too much to say that we live in the insecure world? And, when we say the world, we mean both real and cyber world. Especially the digital world where most of our business activities take place. This just couldn’t be more true when it comes to document proofing process. You’re extremely vulnerable when proofing your documents.

Why? Because you’re doing it the old, but definitely outdated email way. From the security point of view this a living nightmare. All of your files are scattered around while you’re desperately trying to keep a track of thousands of emails used for document proofing. Can you make sure that all of these emails have the desirable security options? Can you make sure that private emails aren’t being used? Of course, you can’t. And, this is exactly what the cyber predators and hackers are expecting to find. Is there a solution?

Document proofing in a safe and secure environment
iso_27001_logoWebProof is an online document collaboration and proofing platform that treats potential security concerns as its top priority. When it comes to the safety of WebProof’s clients, then there’s no room for mistakes or any kind of compromises. That being said, you should be aware that WebProof is one of the very few SaaS companies that has obtained the prestigious ISO 27001 Security Certification. To give an additional weight to this remarkable achievement both WebProof’s Software and Cloud Hosting got this certification.

There you have it. With the ISO 27001 Security Certification
WebProof gives you the best possible security guarantee you can possibly wish for. In case you have been wondering how secure is WebProof itself as a company, we took care of it too. Regarding its economic rating and financial stability WebProof is a proud AAA verification holder. Less than 2% of all companies have managed to get it.
So, it’s really something.
What does it mean for you and your document proofing? Well, first of all, ISO 27001 Security Certification gives you a much-needed peace of mind when it comes to the top class bulletproof security. Secondly, you can use our proofing services and tools with no need that they may become unavailable at the certain point as a result of the financial troubles or economic instability.

Top security standards for top clients
If you want to find out more about ISO 27001 Security Certification, feel free to Google it or contact our support team. You can see for yourself how difficult and complex is to obtain this kind of certification in the first place. At the same time, you’re going to appreciate an opportunity to proof your documents with nothing to worry about compromising your sensitive corporate information and exposing your documents to security vulnerabilities.

How does ADOBE look at SaaS security?
security_report_saas_info-techNowadays, more than 94% of all companies are strongly dependent on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Furthermore, according to the findings of the Info-Tech Research Group, the overwhelming majority of IT managers put more faith in the SaaS security than their own security solutions and resources. Being an Adobe partner, WebProof closely follows all security trends and validates the trustworthiness of the SaaS security on a daily basis. Here’s the SaaS Security Report issued by the Info-Tech Research Group, so you can get a closer look.

WebProof will remain faithful to its policy of applying only the most prestigious and trustworthy certifications available in the industry.
We will make sure that your document proofing is always efficient, economic, and above all – secure!

WebProof FREE Licenses Are Heading Your Way!

Christmas plans to come early this year in your office!

WebProof gives aways the 4-user FREE licenses for graphic production. This is NOT just one more limited free trial offer you get every single day, because:

  • Our FREE license does NOT have an expiration day!
  • There’s NO 30-day limit for a free use!
  • You do NOT have to pay for a thing!
  • There’s NO big difference between this FREE and our FULL version!

It sounds too good to be true? We hear you!

So, what do you have to do in return? Well, that’s the best part about WebProof FREE licenses. There are no hidden costs or strings attached. All we need is your honest opinion about our solution.

You like it – share it with the world! Get back to us acquiring additional licenses knowing that you are doing the right thing.

The 4-user free licenses are enough to get you started. You buy more when you make sure WebProof helps you get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

One of our larger well-known clients started with a small license. Now, they have close to 3,000 users and keep getting back for more. Do you know why? Because they need to take care of more than 50,000 projects per year!

So, what they found to be so fascinating and useful about WebProof, you’re still waiting to discover yourself? Well, there are dozens of reasonsWebProof has built a reputation as an efficient “painkiller:”

  • You will NO longer be EMAIL dependent!
  • You will NO longer be FLASH dependent!
  • You will NO longer get LOST looking for the LAST VERSION!
  • You will NO longer be SOFTWARE dependent. All you need is the Internet!
  • You will NO longer be LOST in your countless projects thanks to
    project-by-project and page-by-page overview – all on one screen!
  • You will NO longer be required to make HANDWRITTEN SCANNED
  • You will NO longer be STRESSED with deadlines, because your production time
    will be reduced by more than 35%!
  • You will NO longer have a MESS on your desk!
  • You will NO longer face SECURITY RISKS because your project details
    won’t be stored in lot’s of private emails!
  • You will NO longer be OVERWHELMED with numerous projects because
    WebProof doesn’t care how many projects are headed your way!

You are ONE CLICK AWAY from the most important change you are going to make this year.

Your Santa Claus,
The WebProof Team

Why is it so hard to find a fair free license in the IT world?

The best things in life are free. How many times have you heard this optimistic phrase? Probably, too many times that you inevitably become extremely annoyed every time you hear it. So, what’s happening with all those free software licenses? Why is to so hard to find one that will offer you a fair win-win situation?

Just because you are free, it doesn’t mean you are fair!
Here’s how it goes in the IT world. You sign up for a free license. Great! The good news – it is free. The bad news – it is free, but for a limited period of time. In most of the cases no more than 30 days. That’s not the only bad news waiting for you. Trial versions don’t give you all features of the full paid version. So, what you get is actually only a glimpse of the “real thing.” The company that’s providing you with this free trial license has slim chances to win you as a paying customer. At the same time, you end up being extremely frustrated with your trial adventure. Obviously, nobody is winning here!


Can ideal become real?
Now, imagine this situation. Let’s try to eliminate all risks for a potential user who’s supposed to become a paying customer. Free licenses are supposed to be free for real. Meaning, you get the real thing for free. There’s no big difference between the trial version you are using for free and the full version you have to pay to use. What’s even more important this “free for real” license shouldn’t have an expiration date. Otherwise, what’s the point of offering it, in the first place. Right?

One more thing. You need to help your potential user realize the full potential of the solution you created. How? By allowing him to use it in the real-life business situation with no limitations of any kind. You may ask, but what’s a benefit for a software company to gain with this act of “generosity?” Well, does it sound reasonable and acceptable from the business point of view to “sacrifice” one free license in order to get ten paid licenses. First, you have to give something in order to get something. Right? This way, it does sound like a fair win-win situation for both parties, doesn’t it?

WebProof shows us the right way to play!
Follow this link if you want to get a free four-users license package. There’s no time limit and there are no strings attached. Try it. Like it. Spread the word. As simple as that. What you get as a free version is exactly the same thing you will use later as the paid full version. So, there’s a way to offer a fair free license deal. We have just shown you how.


Hey Flash, Time to Say Goodbye!


It’s official and it’s unavoidable. Google will eventually cancel all Chrome support for Adobe’s Flash by the end of this year. In addition, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla, will no longer treat Flash as a welcome guest on their web browsers. So, the good old Flash has to pack its bags and hit the road by the end of 2016. Why?

Houston, we have a problem, and the name of our problem is – Flash.
So, what went wrong? It turned out that Flash was the true El Dorado for all kinds of cyber-thieves and hackers, who exploited its security vulnerabilities shamelessly and restlessly. It has been only a matter of time before the IT giants are going to say – enough is enough. The next thing you know, Flash is gone! Nowadays, if you want to enjoy the multimedia content, you have to embrace the alternatives, such as HTML5, among others.

What does Adobe plan to do about it? Well, it’s no surprise that Adobe just couldn’t afford itself a luxury of watching silently its “baby” being treated badly. This is how we’ve ended up with the next big thing called the “Adobe Edge.” Basically, this will allow multimedia pros to be creative without the Flash itself. Instead, they can take the full advantage of HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS. Great! Problem solved. Let’s enjoy the Flash-free world. Well, that’s not entirely true. What’s going to happen with the professionals of the design world?

Flash Fools and Annotation Tools.
Here’s a simple truth every designer knows all too well. If you want to use the most common annotation tools, then you have to use Flash. All annotation tools are based on Flash. Are they? Well, the WebProof development team from the very beginning didn’t want to be Flash dependent. That’s why, they developed annotation tools that aren’t based on Flash. If you are a helpless Flash addict, no one can prevent you from using it. However, under these new circumstances playing Flash stubborn games is just like building your castles in the air. Sooner or later, you will have to accept the fact that Flash lost its throne and it’s gone, for good.

So, there’s a way to run a creative and productive design process with no Flash. WebProof’s math was quite a simple one. We didn’t want for our development to have a single thing in common with the Flash itself. So, why in the world we would allow the same thing to happen to our customers? We are in this one together, and we say: don’t give up on annotation tools because they won’t give up on you. Annotation tools have a new best friend, and it’s name is – WebProof.


Other links about same subject:
Adobe description about this problem already in 2011.
Ricky Mondello article from 14. June 2016
Computerworld article from 20. June 2016, (use the translation function, it is in Danish)
BBC News from 16. May 2016, Chrom stop supporting Flash end 2016

WebProof in Public Business Newspaper

The article from Berlingske Business, here in English

Virtual Company’s Customers Increase Six-Fold

Customers in the shop. The virtual company WebProof is unstoppable. In just six months the company has increased the number of its customers six-fold and has earned a place on the Red Herring Top 100 list of the most promising tech companies in Europe.

In the past six months it’s been all systems go for the virtual company, WebProof. Since the company implemented a new business strategy in January 2015, the number of customers has increased six-fold and the company has been named as one of the 100 most promising tech companies in Europe by the international business magazine Red Herring.

WebProof, which has existed since 2000, operates a cloud-based platform that provides solutions for online collaboration, proofreading of documents and graphic design. Whereas previously the company pursued major players such as The Lego Group, Coop, Walt Disney and Aller, the solution is now also targeted at small and medium-sized companies.

It was WebProof’s owners, the father and son team of Jan and Jakob Adeltoft, who set the change of strategy in motion. A major large customer gives WebProof more than 2,000 users throughout the world and more than 30,000 projects each year. But, according to the CEO, Jan Adeltoft, there is great business to be had from small and medium-sized companies.

“Our bias has been towards big customers, but there are thousands of smaller companies. The greater the number of small customers we can acquire, the more future-proof we are. We have woken up to the fact that small companies may also become big one day,” says Jan Adeltoft.

Like winning an Oscar
The new strategy opens the doors for significantly smaller companies with 2 to 100 users. WebProof has also launched a special licence, which enables freelancers, designers, project managers, and small agencies to try out the service on an unlimited basis with up to 8 users. This has turned out to be the decisive factor in the growing number of customers, which has been increasing ever since.

WebProof received even more attention, when the business magazine Red Herring named them as one of Europe’s 100 most promising tech companies. Jan Adeltoft believes that being placed on the list has helped to raise awareness and create more networks.

“It’s like winning an Oscar. If you win an Oscar, it raises your status and more people take notice of you,” he says.


Jan Adeltoft, CEO and co-founder of the virtual company, WebProof, which in just six months has increased the number of its customers six-fold. Photo: Sara Gangsted

The attention is coming particularly from the other side of the Atlantic. Jan Adeltoft soon became aware that 3 out of 4 new customers came from the USA. That is why he decided that, starting in July, his son, Jakob Adeltoft, would head a newly established office in Florida.

“We had previously received inquiries from companies such as Walmart, but when they discovered we were based in Europe, they backed out. Larger companies expect their support to be located in the same time zone. So, now that the number of American customers is growing, we need to be there,” says Jan Adeltoft.

Even though, on the whole, WebProof runs its entire business virtually, it is vital to meet the really big customers face to face. That is why it makes sense for the company to have a man based in the USA, since the influx of customers is coming from there.

“If we really want to enter the American market, we need to be there. We don’t have an aggressive sales organisation. It’s very much about the companies finding us. We don’t go out looking for them, but the moment they find us, we take care of them,” says Jan Adeltoft.

First marketing campaign
In fact, WebProof has never done much in the way of marketing. When Jan Adeltoft established the company in 2000, he game from the graphic industry and had good contacts in the field. WebProof has never had a sales organisation. Existing customers spread the word. That has accounted for the company’s steady growth.

“For the very first time this autumn we are launching a campaign, so I’m not afraid of aiming at an increase of 1,000% or several 1,000% in the number of customers before the end of the year,” says Jan Adeltoft.

WebProof consists of 20 employees, 15 of whom are programmers based in different parts of the world. Even though the company has a physical address and meeting premises on City Hall Square in Copenhagen and in Miami, nearly everything is conducted via the Internet. Online customer meetings, chats and emails are WebProof’s way of communicating, interrupted only by monthly meetings for Danish staff in Copenhagen.

Previously the company had an office in Roskilde. But because the programmers needed to concentrate without disturbance, the staff still communicated by email, even though they sat next to each other.

“We discovered that it worked better if they worked from home. I absolutely believe that this is what companies are going to be like in the future. But I do miss the old lunch break,” says Jan Adeltoft.


* WebProof has existed since 2000. It is a cloud-based platform, where companies can work together on proofreading and graphic projects. It is an online collaboration tool. A company can purchase licences, and business partners and staff can place documents and designs online to make them accessible to several users.

* The company has an address and meeting premises on City Hall Square in Copenhagen and in Miami. Otherwise it is a virtual business, in which just about all activity is conducted on the Internet via chat, video conferencing and email.

* WebProof has 20 employees spread all over the world including India, the USA, Cyprus, England, Denmark, Portugal and Lithuania.

* WebProof’s turnover is in the double-figure millions and last year it made a profit of DKK 500,000. The CEO, Jan Adeltoft expects the turnover to double in 2016.

The article is written by Kirstine Benedicta Lauritzen, Belingske

Get for free WebProof.

WebProof supports Adobe InDesign CC and CC 2014 for plugin and server


We offer WebProof InDesign plugins, which make it possible for the designer to upload/send the document directly from InDesign. The advantage is that designer doesn’t have to produce a PDF nor leave InDesign when the file has to be sent. Among our 7 plugins you will also find plugins for the latest Adobe Creative Cloud as well as CC 2014.


For many of our customers we have installed InDesign Server. This great software is used to process optimize and automate the internal workflow (WebProof Platinum). In those cases where we auto-produce catalogs and magazines through our XML-catalog module, can clients who don’t have graphics experience make corrections through the easy-going WebProof user interface – directly in InDesign.

This is why WebProof also supports Adobe InDesign Server CC and CC 2014.

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Countdown to GRAPH EXPO 15 in Chicago


One of the world’s major exhibitions of graphic production will open its doors on September 13, 2015. As always, the expo will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Visitors to the expo will find 13 large pavilions with lots of new hardware, ranging from printing machines, giant digital printers, and finishing equipment. However, the expo also features many exhibitors that offer software for the printing industry.

Previously, suppliers used huge exhibitions such as GRAPH EXPO, DRUPA, and IPEXto announce their latest news. Today, however, development goes so fast that product news is released immediately on the Internet as it becomes available. Even though the exhibits have lost some of their energy and are not as big, for the graphic production field, the expos still offer a way to see and talk face-to-face with suppliers, making them more of a social event.

In terms of collaboration and online proofing software, the expos offer almost nothing, which is why WebProof does not participate. However, the team at WebProof is available around the clock if you have any questions or want an online demo. Just contact us at support@webproof.com.

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WebProof is now in Miami, Florida, USA

WebProof Miami Brickell Center

WebProof Inc. is now open for business at 1221 Brickell Avenue in Miami, Florida, USA. This new location is the culmination of WebProof’s expansion strategy for 2015 and the coming years. This new office will provide U.S. customers the same immediate support that European customers receive. In addition, orders from the United States significantly increased last year, so it is natural to have a physical presence in that area of the world.

The annual market for online proofing and collaboration software is US$1B. Based on WebProof’s success with its long-term customers in Europe, the company is expanding to support customers in the United States. WebProof has many large European customers, such as The LEGO Group, ICA, COOP etc. and many other customers collaborate on and approve 5,000,000 pages each year through 500,000 logins from over 100 countries.

As Jan Adeltoft, CEO of WebProof, says, “Because WebProof has primarily obtained new customers through recommendations from ‘old’ customers and users, our users are our best ambassadors.” To support these customers, WebProof has released a “Free for Life” license, which allows customers to have eight users online simultaneously. This license has been especially successful in the United States, and WebProof has seen high growth, with the number of active licenses increasing by 600% as of July 1.

WebProof has offered collaboration and online proofing software since 2000, and for many years, it has been the market leader in Europe. The company’s economic robustness led Dun & Bradstreet to give it an AAA rating, which only 2% of companies have received. We are proud that this experienced, solid company is now operating in the United States.

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WebProof – 600% growth in 6 months

Over the past several years, WebProof, which is an online proofing service, has approved 5,000,000 pages each year through 500,000 logins from 100 countries.

On January 1, 2015, WebProof released a 4+4 license allowing users to use the service free without time limitations. This license has been hugely successful, with the number of active licenses increasing by 600% in just six months. This increase came without any mentions in the press; the only information released was a written statement on the company’s website.

WebProof has many large, well-known brands as customers, including The LEGO Group, ICA, COOP etc. some which have 2,000+ users worldwide and 100,000 active projects each year. In addition, designers and many small to medium-size agencies with five to several hundred users benefit from WebProof’s online proofing and project collaboration tools. As Jan Adeltoft, CEO of WebProof says, “Our users are continuously positively surprised by the many hidden features they have discovered. Our customers say that WebProof is like a Pandora’s box and is a huge help in their daily work.”


Because several campaigns will be announced around the world, the company expects that its overall expansion in 2015 will reach over 5,000%, primarily in the United States. This expansion is possible because WebProof has moved completely to the Amazon Cloud, thereby enabling them to alter load balances and to increase processor speeds and storage capacity quickly.

Based on this expected expansion, WebProof is establishing a physical office in the United States, so U.S. customers will no longer experience any lags in services such as online support, which is now offered around the clock. Jakob Adeltoft, founder and president of WebProof Inc., recently moved to Florida with his family, where he will be responsible for building the new organization.

This growth has occurred alongside the programming of API, mobile viewing, website and video proofing features. These features will be released in 2015, and they are a natural development within our digital cross-media world.


WebProof has undergone quiet organic growth since 2000 by concentrating on program development. Today, the company may be one of the world’s most advanced online proofing solutions, allowing customers to edit text directly in WebProof. This feature is available due to the advanced integration with the Adobe InDesign Server. However, their unique workflow, which involves automated file handling and the ability to send files around the world just by changing a status in the cloud – without any human interactions, has contributed to their success. Further, they have obtained an AAA rating from Dun & Bradstreet, which only 2% of all companies have achieved. The company’s cautious economic approach has allowed them to finance their entire U.S. strategy themselves.

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