Why is it so hard to find a fair free license in the IT world?

The best things in life are free. How many times have you heard this optimistic phrase? Probably, too many times that you inevitably become extremely annoyed every time you hear it.

So, what’s happening with all those free software licenses? Why is it so hard to find one that will offer you a fair win-win situation?

Just because you are free, it doesn’t mean you are fair!

Here’s how it goes in the IT world. You sign up for a free license. Great! The good news – it is free. The bad news – it is free, but for a limited period of time.

In most of the cases no more than 30 days. That’s not the only bad news waiting for you.

Trial versions don’t give you all features of the full paid version. So, what you get is actually only a glimpse of the “real thing.” The company that’s providing you with this free trial license has slim chances to win you as a paying customer.

At the same time, you end up being extremely frustrated with your trial adventure. Obviously, nobody is winning here!

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Can ideal become real?

Now, imagine this situation.

Let’s try to eliminate all risks for a potential user who’s supposed to become a paying customer. Free licenses are supposed to be free for real. Meaning, you get the real thing for free.

There’s no big difference between the trial version you are using for free and the full version you have to pay to use. What’s even more important this “free for real” license shouldn’t have an expiration date.

Otherwise, what’s the point of offering it, in the first place. Right?

One more thing. You need to help your potential user realize the full potential of the solution you created. How? By allowing him to use it in the real-life business situation with no limitations of any kind.

You may ask, but what’s a benefit for a software company to gain with this act of “generosity? Well, does it sound reasonable and acceptable from the business point of view to “sacrifice” one free license in order to get ten paid licenses?

First, you have to give something in order to get something. Right? This way, it does sound like a fair win-win situation for both parties, doesn’t it?

WebProof shows us the right way to play!

Follow this link if you want to get a free four-users license package. There’s no time limit and there are no strings attached. Try it. Like it. Spread the word.

As simple as that. What you get as a free version is exactly the same thing you will use later as the paid full version. So, there’s a way to offer a fair free license deal. We have just shown you how.

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