How WebProof Users Proof & Approve 5,000,000 Pages Annually

How WebProof Users Proof & Approve 5,000,000 Pages Annually

Thanks to our users, WebProof is now one of the world’s most impactful online proofing solutions on the market. With 50,000 users in 100 countries, WebProof helps its clients to proof and approve 5,000,000 documents each year.

Many of our users are enterprises like H&M, Audi and Bang & Olufsen, which have 1000’s of users and complete 10,000’s of projects annually.

While impressive, these numbers mean nothing to us unless they make a real impact on the bottom-line of our users. After all, our goal is always to help you reduce waste and increase the productivity of your production process.

Thankfully, our latest research has shown that this is the case. On average, our users have been able to:

  • Reduce production costs by up to 50% on all their graphics projects using WebProof’s enhanced proofing toolkit.
  • Boost their invoicing by $100,000’s using WebProof’s Log that automatically tracks every change made in the editing process and documents it for easy invoicing.
  • Save their company from sending as many as 350,000 unnecessary emails annually by eliminating email from their workflow.

We’re not just telling you this to impress you, though. We do have your best interests in mind.

In this article, we’ll explain how WebProof helps its current user base to efficiently proof and approve 5,000,000 pages per year. More importantly, though, we’ll explain how WebProof can help you to do the same.

The Problem With ‘Old School’ Proofing

If you’re anything like our users, then you are using an outdated proofing and collaboration system that relies heavily on email to get the job done. At first, it seemed the system was working just fine, but over time you began to see its limitations… and resent them.

After years of using this system, you’ve grown tired of having an inbox full of messy, confusing emails and wasting time on miscommunications.

When in this position, most companies just bite their lip and press forward rather than starting from scratch and finding a better way. For a sizable company, this can lead to great inefficiencies in the production process. We’re talking as much as 35% – 50% increases wasted time and resources.

You’re not like them, though. Like our users, you know how important efficiency is and are on the hunt for a better solution to your needs. As you’ll see below, WebProof was born from an obsession for efficiency.

WebProof’s LEAN Origin

The foundation of WebProof’s incredible success as an online proofing tool was set in the early days. Jakob, the CEO of WebProof, was greatly influenced by Japanese LEAN principles and designed WebProof based on them.

For those who aren’t familiar with the LEAN production method, we’ll explain it here as it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

To put it simply, LEAN is a series of methods, tools, and theories invented by Toyota that aims to increase performance by removing all wasted time and resources from the production process.

By basing WebProof’s process automation on LEAN principles, our users can reduce the financial and labor costs of their production efforts by as much as 35%. Best of all, it works for any kind of graphics project, and for all types of companies.

How We Put LEAN Into Action

Now you’ve got an understanding of LEAN, let’s dive into how WebProof allows users to enhance their graphics production process with it.

As you likely already know, digital proofing was invented to replace analog proofing once personal computers became more popular. While the new solutions that became available did a good job at solving most of the issues with analog proofing, they made one aspect of the process more difficult.

That aspect was proofing and collaboration. Compared to passing a physical document around and discussing changes face-to-face, digital proofing was less personal, and a tad more confusing.

When passing a document around in a physical office, it’s easy to understand each person’s feedback, taste, and way of seeing the world. That is not the case when proofing online, which can make the process tedious and confusing if you don’t have the right tools.

How WebProof Makes Proofing 5,000,000 Pages Possible

WebProof has enjoyed steady, organic growth over the years, and much of that growth has been due to its unique way of approaching online proofing and collaboration. Each feature, new and old, is designed for one goal only: reduce proofing time and waste.

Today, WebProof users can benefit from a range of productivity-enhancing features.

Open Cloud Access

The first key feature that enables WebProof to manage 5,000,000 pages a year efficiently is that it’s a cloud-based technology. In simple terms, this means that anyone can access WebProof anywhere, at any time. By allowing WebProof users to include their entire team in the review and proofing process, they’re able to get the job quickly and easily.

Mobile Support

We’ve also recently created an iOS app that allows teams to get work done on-the-fly. Before this, they were limited to working on their desktop or laptop, but now they can prove from anywhere. As you can imagine, this has dramatically improved the productivity of WebProof users.

Dynamic Annotation

By itself, WebProof’s cloud-access is meaningless. What makes WebProof powerful is what you can do with your team when logged in. WebProof’s comment, note, and markup features allow teams to leave feedback on documents without having to pass a file back-and-forth in an office or email thread.

Automatic Tracking

By storing everything on the cloud, we also make it possible for all team members to have instant access to new versions. This makes it easy to keep up to date with changes and eliminates the possibility of mixing up versions.

Easy Collaboration

Another productivity-boosting feature behind WebProof’s success is that all suggestions and edits happen in real-time so that more than one person can work on the project simultaneously. By combining minds, WebProof users can get the job done up to 35% faster.

They’re also able to check the progress of the project at any time and get an accurate idea of where each team member is at and how long the overall project will take.

Powerful Page & Project Views

One of the most annoying limitations of email proofing is the lack of visibility. With WebProof, users can view new and old versions side-by-side just as they would if proofing a physical document. Whether presenting the project to stakeholders or reviewing it internally, you’ll be able to see exactly how the finished product will look with the page-flip feature.

Instant Notifications

As you know, keeping teams in the loop is essential to maintaining the momentum of a project. Communication issues can quickly delay or derail a project, which is why WebProof automatically sends SMS notifications to collaborators whenever there is a change to the project.

Seamless Sharing

To make sharing with stakeholders as simple as possible, WebProof allows users to share pages and projects with non-WebProof users. All you need is their email for them to be able to view and leave feedback.

That’s The Secret!

By no means is the above an exhaustive list of WebProof features. Our app is constantly evolving and adding new features, so we can’t list them all.

That said, the core features above are what allow WebProof users to proof and approve 5,000,000 pages each year. If you’re on the hunt for a more effective production solution, these features can help you too.

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