Six Reasons Why You Should Be Using WebProof For Your Graphic Production Projects

Before the desktop revolution back in the olden days, our graphic production projects had one advantage in the hard copy document proofing process: A single document passed along through the staff and clients for corrections and approval.

This meant we were aware of other readers’ preferences and thoughts as we could easily see the previous reviewer’s notes.

Of course, this took time.

Using email versus WebProof Proofing Tool

While technology has made worldwide collaboration possible, the design and copy review process can still be tedious.

Multiple versions of documents often get passed around via email as PDFs (or worse, Word files). This can lead to a mishmash of notations added along the way. Since documents are typically sent to multiple stakeholders at once, compiling all those notes can become a mistake-prone chore.

The Proof is in the Cloud

The Cloud-based solution provided by WebProof provides the best of both worlds by allowing a single document to be reviewed by everyone involved in the graphic project production.

They can then use the simple-to-use tools for online proofing to allow notes and markups to be added to the document, with side-by-side views of the original and new versions available with a simple click.

Graphic Production Project Annotation Tool with WebProof

Easy Tracking and Project Integration

Integrated project tracking and approval keeps everything moving forward quickly and efficiently. It’s easy for everyone involved in the project to see each other progress.


See How Your Pages Will Look and Flow

High-quality proofs with page-flips allow collaborators to see the graphic production project exactly how it will look in the final product.

Team Notifications via Text

As each task is completed, notifications can be sent automatically via text message to collaborators to keep the project moving forward.

One of our largest clients, which produces 100,000 projects each year using WebProof, reduced its overall design time by 35 percent because WebProof makes collaboration much more efficient.

Works for Any Size Project

WebProof’s service can be used on everything from articles and brochures on up to magazines and catalogs.

The pricing is scalable, starting with a free version that is ideal for freelancers and individuals.

Then there is a basic version that can handle small agencies and the Platinum account that can automate and optimize a large-scale operation’s entire internal design work.


Proven In The Graphic Production Industry

50,000 users in over 100 countries are now using WebProof to approve over 5 million pages a year.

Agencies like Gutenberg France, MediaTeam in Norway, and Altavia in Europe and China are using WebProof’s online collaborative tools to speed and simplify their workflow. Corporations like The Walt Disney Company, Audi, ToysRus, and Bang & Olufsen use WebProof to handle multinational campaigns and design projects.

Even magazines can handle their design process through WebProof (Scandinavia’s Aller Media uses WebProof to produce Danish Elle and 35 other magazines).

WebProof clients

WebProof is a perfect example of how the right cloud-based workflow solution can allow collaboration that saves a huge amount of time, and-of course-time is money. You can sign up for a Free for Life WebProof account at

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