WebProof Access A Billion-Dollar U.S. Market

Press release, Copenhagen 30. May 2016
Borsen”, the Danish Financial Times, had recently this article

It has proven to be the right decision for WebProof to establish itself in the U.S. market.

Jan Adeltoft, CEO of WebProof at Borsen May 2016

The software is torn from the shelves of its free version, and at the same time has proven scalability. The organization comprises just 20 employees, but the company is set to reach its first milestone of $15 million in 2017.

“In 2015 the number of licenses we supplied were primarily borne by the American market. We have had a great start to 2016, and everything indicates the year ahead will be even better, for we are actually able to increase the supply of new users exclusively through online advertising,” says Managing Director Jan Adeltoft, who was a founding member of the company, together with his son, in 2000. The company previously issued only 3-5 new licenses per month, but now issues as many as 300 licenses a month, with multiple users connected to each license.

WebProof’s software eliminates reliance on email. Categorized primarily as a platform for project management, file sharing and collaboration, it is centrally located in the cloud for all users. Customers are typically companies in the graphics industry, and use the tool to work cooperatively with their clients. When a company wants to make a sales brochure or newsletter, the advertising agency presents a draft in WebProof’s software, which can be commented on by all. The advertising agency can then make all corrections and adjustments directly online, after which the customer can approve the individual pages. When everything is approved, the file is packaged automatically and sent to press, or produced as a digital magazine. In the process, all parties can avoid confusion regarding the document’s latest version and work can progress seamlessly through a unique overview.

“On average, companies can cut production time in half by working in the cloud, as opposed to navigating a sea of endless emails. This efficiency, which has been perpetuated by word-of-mouth, is therefore the largest source of new customers for us,” says Jan Adeltoft. This is the case for users in the United States, among them The LEGO Group, Toys”R”Us etc. and many other well-known brands.

“We already have a wide range of major customers in Europe, including some of the largest retail chains, so we are an incredible force in optimizing the graphic process. No other tools on the market provide all-in-one software capabilities that offer project management, online proofing, online editing of InDesign files, and auto production of hardcopy into digital catalogs” says Jan Adeltoft. He continues:

“The automation of graphic production is far ahead in Denmark, so simply for that we will have the same share in the United States that we have in Denmark–an unused $1 billion market. We are prepared and have copyright on all the essential continents like Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China; domains in over 70 countries; and have translated our software into a wide range of languages, including Chinese. In many ways, we are now at the helm of a big international breakthrough.”

The American office is located in Florida, where Jakob Adeltoft is the leader of development and sales, while Jan Adeltoft manages the European market.

For further information please contact:
Jan Adeltoft, Managing Director at WebProof, by telephone: +45 27 11 68 68 or by email: ja@webproof.com

About WebProof:
WebProof was founded in 2000 by Jan Adeltoft and Jakob Vedel Adeltoft. The software simplifies graphic production and facilitates better integration of companies and advertising agencies. Currently, WebProof assists such companies as LEGO, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, Bauhaus, COOP, and ICA to improve their production processes and reduce administrative work. The 50,000 users come from over 100 countries and together approve over 5 million pages per year. In 2015, Red Herring appointed WebProof as one of the 100 most promising European startups, as a testimonial to its great potential. WebProof is also one of the Gazelle-businesses.