Replace Email And Attachment With A Collaboration Platform


A collaboration platform is a solution that couldn’t be simpler. Now your company will regain control over business data.

Instead of leaving it stored in personal email boxes, data is centrally archived project to project—with the bonus of significantly reducing the time your employees spend on emails.

A trillion pieces of company data are sent to personal email boxes, every day.

In the United States, 85% of all business data—including contracts and other sensitive information, is stored in personal email boxes, unavailable to others who need access.

And what happens when employees change jobs? Data can easily disappear, or even fall into competitors’ hands. This must concern those who are responsible for the email policy of the company.

Does your IT department notice how your storage capacity is being consumed, requiring bandwidth and so on, because the number of file attachments is increasing?

Do you have an email policy regarding the use of CC, BCC and attached files?

companies data stored on emails

Did you know that 28% of all office time is spent on emails?

Both the McKinsey Global Institute and the Radicati Group have documented that every office employee spends a minimum of 10–15 hours a week handling, sorting, archiving, searching, reading and writing emails.

This time can be reduced by at least 25% at no cost. As an example, one of our largest clients projects turnaround time was reduced by up to 35% when they moved from traditional email communication to WebProof, an online collaboration software. Across all kinds of companies, the average time spent on emails is 28%.

In companies producing graphic documents requiring many approvals, that time can undoubtedly reach 50% when traditional email, rather than an online procedure, is used for the approval process.

email and online proofing

Do you see the difference?

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