100 Million Files and 20 Terabytes Moved to Cloud-Computing

cloud computing

Last year we decided to implement a quantum leap for WebProof, moving our entire server farm to the cloud.

We did not do this for a financial advantage, but because our customers would get even higher operational stability and significantly increased speeds. We can now almost immediately increase allocated CPU resources and memory, increase processor speeds, and so on.

Increased security

Even though the security of our system has already been approved by our major customers, that guarantee is now increased further. Our new cloud center is among the most secure in the world: it complies with EU data protection protocols and is both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

The data center meets all of the most widely used standards and security protocols in the world. Needless to say, we are running with 100 percent separation for all customers, including their data, and are using the most advanced firewall.

Only three people at WebProof have access to the operating platform. We use multi-factor authentication (MFA), which means that we can only access the system with a username, a strong password, and a personal one-time code that changes every minute.

Data transfer to the cloud

The move to the cloud was initiated more than six months ago. It was carefully planned down to the smallest detail, and we used the best experts to execute the move.

Just calculate how much time you would need to move 20 terabytes and close to 100 million files to the cloud – the transfer worked around the clock for more than three months.

We established a super-efficient WebProof setup in the cloud with new firewalls and integrated all our other security features. The first systems were installed and thoroughly tested, and we ensured that the latest back-ups would run smoothly.

Other WebProof user advantages

We can now almost immediately increase server resources whenever needed, in order to keep up with WebProof user activity, no matter the time, date, or time zone or our users.

The new platform is also the foundation for our growth in the coming years, enabling us to release new features of WebProof in the future.

What is going on at WebProof?

Over the next few quarters, we will release a new Adobe Illustrator plugin, an iPad version and subsequently an API, website proofing, and video proofing.

If you haven’t noticed, there is now an excellent basket procurement function in our page-flip. Finally, we’ll be implementing a design makeover for WebProof soon.

So nothing stands still around here – on the contrary, WebProof will always be a frontrunner.

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