WebProof is now established in the United States

U.S., U.K. puzzle pieces

We have operated mainly in Europe for the last 15 years, where WebProof has a high share of the market for online proofing and a strong reputation for reliability.

Our Free WebProof is growing at a high speed, in the United States in particular. We now feel ready to expand outside Europe.

Our market share in the U.S. has been growing, but many customers prefer their vendor to be physically located on the continent where they live. Also, even though we try to fulfill our 24/7/365 support, there has been a little time gap late at night for U.S. users.

So, we decided to establish a staffed WebProof Inc. location in the United States. We already have users within Walt Disney, Hallmark, The LEGO Group, and U.S. advertising agencies, and the number of new U.S. users is expanding strongly.

Get for free, WebProof.