Updated 3D Page-Flip


After years of program development, WebProof has released its new 3D page-flip. The design has not changed much; however, the underlying code has been rewritten and there many new features. Here is some of the news from the larger newsletter:

– Being 100% in the cloud, our 3D page-flip is now used in the world’s largest, most advanced and fastest server park – Amazon Cloud in Ireland.
– WebProof now supports landscape, i.e. it has square and landscape formats.
– WebProof’s 3D page-flip is built in Actionscript3, which means that customers can insert an AS3 SWF layer on top of their publications.
– Link boxes can be rotated, so that, for example, an obliquely rotated link box will continue to fit.
– Everything now happens much faster in the administration pages.
– There is support for password-protected publications, i.e. the system can be set up so that a password is required for accessing a given publication.
– The viewer has been enhanced with a smoother zoom.
– It is now fairly simple to connect a customer’s internal eshop to WebProof 3D page-flip. We just receive a traditional PDF with transparent item numbers.

But there is much more news and program development continues unabated – you will soon hear more.

There is no doubt that WebProof’s very advanced and free 3D page-flip, with up to 1 million page-flips per month, will have a great future.