Bulit-in Quality Assurance


WebProof is no longer just an online proofing tool, but includes as well a very advanced and sophisticated workflow, which talks with WebProof using XML/page-status. Using XML, WebProof can integrate to any other piece of software. But it is also now possible for end users, without any graphical skills, to change text themselves, without involving a graphics expert. Everything is based on the lean principles, which means the proofing process is faster, fewer mistakes are made and less staff are required.

The latest add-on WebProof service is the built-in Quality Assurance, where users, depending on their role in WebProof, can fill out metadata. This could be for licensing or anything else that requires a lot of documented info from different people in order to approved a project. This is typically a requirement in the medical industry, for merchandising, etc.

We have clients who began with WebProof Basic costing less than $10 per day, but knowing that they could grow with WebProof because WebProof is modular.