Selection of WebProof videos

WebProof has produced a selection of videos that give a quick introduction to WebProof’s various features. They have been highly praised and here is a brief description of each of them, which might interest you.


Introduction to WebProof

This introductory video takes a brief look at WebProof and demonstrates some of its key features, which can help your company create a proofing platform that is easy and fast to use, both for you and your customers. Sounds interesting? Follow this link and learn more about WebProof on
WebProof is an online collaboration and approval tool. This document management software lets you overview, review and annotate many pages and many projects at the same time, as well as giving an instant pixel-by-pixel comparison of versions. Use the WebProof online design collaboration tool for sharing documents online, anywhere, anytime. Well, 50,000 users in more than 100 countries can’t be wrong.

The benefits of WebProof

This short video gives a brief introduction to the many benefits WebProof can bring to your company. It shows:
– How you can minimize the time spent sorting through, answering and sending emails, and there is a calculation for the number of emails sent back and forth arising from just one correction.
– How WebProof will reduce your production time by at least 25%.
– How it will help you attract new clients, and thereby earn more on both existing and future business.
WebProof requires no investment in hardware or software. As long as you’re online, you can use WebProof.
WebProof can even help your company become more environmentally friendly. WebProof can help to reduce annual CO2 emissions by as much as 300,000 kg: you, too, could be part of the solution.

WebProof’s features

Have a look at this functional overview of WebProof.
In only 3 minutes, we will walk you through WebProof’s main features, including how file handling works:
– Instead of emailing a document back and forth, you simply upload a file into WebProof and it will automatically be marked with the status code: “New Proof”.
– The workflow then automatically sends a message to the right people, by email or SMS.
– The recipients can review the file and mark it as either “Approved” or “Check” if adding
corrections using the intuitive mark-up tools in WebProof. Depending on which status code is attached, the file will be sent back to the designer or forwards in the workflow.
With WebProof, you can add external users to relevant files or projects. It shows a great overview of all ongoing projects, saves all comments and corrections made (which is great as proof when invoicing), and displays both text and images pixel-by-pixel.

You can search for and highlight text in a document, and scroll through it using the 3D PDF flip-function to see if it looks as you imagined.


WebProof 3D page flip

This video is an overview of the free page-flip PDF extension, which is included in all three WebProof solutions (Basic, Enterprise and Platinum). It’s a great way to make your magazines come alive!
This dynamic and free 3D PDF flip-function can help you increase both your business and your profits. Studies have shown that readers spend more than three times longer looking at dynamic and interactive page-flip PDFs than at traditional downloadable online documents.
With WebProof, you can add videos and links to your page-flip PDFs, and you will receive valuable detailed statistics and behavioral reports about your readers, with extensive heat maps to measure your and your clients’ marketing efforts.
All WebProof-produced 3D PDF flip-function magazines are optimized for Google and they are extremely easy to produce and publish – all at the click of a button.
To find more about WebProof’s page-flip PDF, the only product out there for everything from proofing a magazine to publishing, go to our website.

Everyday use of WebProof Basic for project managers

WebProof, the online correction tool, helps you optimize and automate your graphics workflow.
We will show how to:
– Upload a new project for review in WebProof.
– Create a new client from scratch in WebProof.
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Changing the Basic WebProof user settings (end user)

In this video you will learn how to change some of the basic user settings in your WebProof account:
– Change general user details such as your name or password
– Add an email address or mobile phone number for receiving notifications (remember the country code when adding a phone number)
– Change your time zone
– Apply a date and time format
– Adjust the language to your personal taste
Need more help? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to create a new workflow

You’ll learn how to drag and drop PDF files received from clients A, B and C into a folder. The files are automatically renamed using the client’s name, and everything is quick and easy.
At any time you can press F1 in WebFlow to access the interactive help.
Using WebFlow for your projects is extremely easy and has only four steps:
– Drop the PDFs received into your source folder (FTP, local or network folder).
– Choose a file template to hold all the info on the files. (WebFlow has many pre-created templates or you can make your own.)
– Assign an action to the WebFlow.
– Visit the destination folder where all the processed files end up.
Watch the video to learn about functions such as advanced file renaming, suffixes and prefixes, managing Distiller, PitStop, automated SMS and email notifications, and much more.

Introduction to the seven single workflows

Create workflows with the FREE WebFlow – it’s fast and very easy.
In 5 minutes we will show you how to use all seven single workflows, using the free WebFlow by dragging and dropping sample files to the input folders.
– Rename: Automatically add the date to a filename, add suffixes or prefixes, or change or remove a name.
– Copy/Move: Auto-copy files for archiving, distilling, etc.
– Change: For example, add a watermark or logo to all files before shipping.
– Split: Auto-split files from multi-page PDFs to single-page PDFs.
– Convert: Convert a JPEG to a PDF.
– Zip: Create zip files.
– Unzip: Unzip files.
Visit to learn more about the possibilities with WebFlow or visit for more information about us.

Phoenix Design Aid – Case study

Several years ago, Phoenix Design Aid switched to WebProof from a traditional email proofing process. Phoenix Design Aid, the leading Danish supplier of a broad spectrum of design and print solutions, is an agency specializing in the design and management of graphic arts for the UN and EU countries.

It has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral.

This video shows you how to emulate this green approach to the printing industry by using WebProof.

Big clients, small agency – Cimo Case study

The small ad agency, Cimo, has only six employees, but some large and impressive clients in its portfolio. We talked with the owner, Annette Svalgaard, about big clients at small agencies, optimizing time, project management across countries and languages, and much more.
It was inspiring to see how Annette uses WebProof to help this small agency manage large clients and campaigns. It was very clear that our clients will continue to help us develop and improve WebProof.