WebProof can automate your catalogue production

Produce huge amounts of ads, catalogues, brochures, posters etc. in absolutely no time, completely automated and at a very reduced cost.


WebProof’s Wrapping Robot in combination with InDesign Server and an XML file is today used by many WebProof users to produce nearly 100% finished catalogues. The XML integration of WebProof and your retail marketing software makes it possible to produce your catalogues or other graphic products at the touch of a button. WebProof is responsible for the complete technical integration.

Many companies, especially in the retail industry, produce weekly catalogues and a range of other graphic material. A couples of good examples are the hardware stores SILVAN and BAUHAUS, who use the WebProof Wrapping Robot to auto-produce the 32-page brochure every week, reducing the overall production time by 14 days. WebProof is integrated with the companies’ retail marketing software, which enables a fast and automated production.

Through WebProof, BAUHAUS also automatically publishes the catalogue on the website as a 3D turn-page function. This is a good example of why many companies have adopted WebProof’s LEAN model. It enables you to run large productions with very few man-hours, making it extremely time- AND cost-efficient.

On top of this, WebProof is especially well suited to graphic productions where many buyers and suppliers are involved, not to mention marketing people, project managers and graphic designers, who are working on many catalogues at the same time.

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