WebProof Tips & Tricks – August 2013

Express user and notification log

Right click on one or more pages to send them as an express user  to a client or colleague. The receiver does not need to be a user in WebProof – he simply clicks the link in the email and attaches his comments and corrections – simple, fast and cost-saving.

Did you also know, all notifications and express users are saved in the WebProof log? That means that at any time you can search through them to find a specific name, project or date. It tells you exactly when the receiver’s email system got the email and what was written in it.


You always know when a recipient got the notification.

Sorting in the summary

Are you aware that it’s possible to sort through your history in WebProof?
By choosing a project and a period, you can click on time, pages and users, in the order you wish it organised. The order in which you click them will pop up in the top-right corner of the screen.
A very practical function for example to show the full history of a particular page organised by time.


No more searching through endless emails – easy overview organised as you please.

Project status

A feature not all WebProof users are aware of is the automatic project status.

Under the ‘system icon’ you choose the status ranking in which you wish to see your projects. If all pages have the status APPROVED the entire project status will be APPROVED and if just one page carries the status code CORRECTION, the entire project status will be CORRECTION.


This creates a fast overview in the Navigator.

Project group overview

One of WebProof’s most popular features is the real-time overview.
You can at all times see exactly how many and which pages need your attention. You just click on a status code and pages with this status will be shown right away.

A good tip is to always include the deadline in your project’s name – then you will have this information visible on your front page overview as well.


It saves both you and your clients loads of time.

Keyword search

You need to find an ad or a project in WebProof and you only have a phone number to go from or you’re suddenly not sure your spelling is correct – do these situations sound familiar?

That’s why WebProof has a search field – you just type in the information and all pages in WebProof that includes this data will show up with the text highlighted.


The WebProof keyword search saves you a lot of time.

Status-based sorting

If you have many projects running at the same time, and need an overview of only pages that need CORRECTION, you can sort all projects to show only pages with this status code or focus your search on just one project. No distractions or irrelevant elements.


A lean-based approach that saves you time and headaches.