New developments in the pipeline

WebProof is going mobile

newsletter_aug13_mobileWe have noticed that many of you visit WebProof on mobile devices. So of course we’re working on getting WebProof accessible from mobile devices.

We don’t want it to be a replica of the current WebProof platform,
but an expanded version that integrates the many possibilities we all know and love from our iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

We are well on our way with this project and expect to launch WebProof on mobile devices in the fall.

(If you know of any nice apps that we should take a look at while developing our own WebProof app, we would love you to send us some inspiration at – thanks in advance).

Fun Fact:

WebProof already has a mobile app – our very economic  WebProof Magazine App– you can use this when publishing online magazines. If you want a sneak peek at how it works, search for Aller Media in Apple’s App Store and flip through, for example, their magazine Femina.


Personalised project group overview

The new release will include the possibility to establish your own template to show the status of specific projects, from all the projects you’re working on in WebProof.

You might want to sort them after month, client, name – any parameter you can imagine.

As always, we try to save you as much time as possible and create an even better overview of your projects in WebProof.