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Last weekend we updated WebProof so that you can continue working in WebProof with your preferred browser. We’re now fully up to date with all browsers and operating systems including: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 22, Safari and Google Chrome, on the newest Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.


This WebProof update also includes a couple of new features, which we will walk you through here:

Email notification log

WebProof logs all email notifications and sent Express User invitations. You can search the log for names, projects and dates, and see exactly when an email was sent and what it contained. In this way you can be certain of whether a user received a particular email.


This new search function is found under the orange System menu icon in the top-right corner, under Notification Log.

The function can be used by super users and administrators.

Forgot your password?

If you forget your password for WebProof, just click the Forgot password link on the login page, and a new randomly generated password will be sent to you by email. This feature is available only if you or your WebProof administrator has stored your email address in your user account in WebProof.


Extended password security

With the latest WebProof update, you can define a password strategy for each role in WebProof, including: the required length of a password, how often it should be changed, how many capital letters/symbols are required, and how many wrong logins are accepted before a user is locked out of WebProof.


To get started, go to Settings > Roles. Right-click on a role and choose Properties > Security. The function can be used by super users and administrators.

These are the main changes in the most recent update of WebProof. In addition, we have also fixed some small bugs; for example, when you select the ‘Do not show next time’ checkbox, the tooltips will now hide (which they sometimes didn’t do before).

We hope these updates improve your day-to-day experience of using of WebProof.