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6 Surprising Ways Clients Use Our Online Proofing Tool

Not sure if WebProof is right for your business?

In the beginning, many of our clients felt the same. They didn’t understand how online proofing tools could help them. But, when they tried it, WebProof soon became their secret weapon.

In this blog post, we will demystify the tool and explain how our clients have used WebProof in the past. But first, let’s take a quick journey back in time…

A Brief History of Online Proofing Tools

Back in the day, online proofing tools emerged from the need for more effective proofing methods. Email just wasn’t up to the task.

Since most image and video files were too large to be sent via email (not much has changed there), this limited companies to only proofing their documents via printouts. Of course, this was a hassle!

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It wasn’t until 1993 that Adobe invented PDFs. Their mission was to create a file format that would be compatible with any computer. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much today, but at the time, it was a crazy idea.

For everyone involved in the graphic production space, Adobe’s new software was a game changer. It meant they would no longer have to use CDs when working with images or video content. Instead, they could share their files through email and collaborate much more easily.

After that, email quickly became the standard. Nevertheless, it was still far from ideal. In fact, its faults inspired many innovators to work on dreaming up new methods, one of which would challenge email’s position as the best proofing solution.

Over ten years ago, online proofing tools hit the market and jump-started a revolution. We had just entered the 21st century and content was king. This new breed of online proofing tools made it possible to proof all types of content and all in one place. As a result, people quickly joined the fray and millions and millions of documents were approved by online tools.

Now that you have an idea of how it all began, let’s take a look at the ways our clients have used WebProof in the past. Some of them may surprise you!

Some Ways Our Clients Have Used WebProof To Improve Their Projects

If you were to say that online proofing tools are only for graphic designers, you’d be wrong. Still, it’s a common misconception, and we wouldn’t blame you. Over the years, many companies, in many different industries, have adopted our technology.

Below is a list of six industries that use WebProof as a way to make their projects more efficient. Perhaps there are a few on this list which you would never have guessed would use a tool like ours.

Check it out…


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1. Medicine and Health Care:

In the medical space, companies need a secure system for managing and proofing documents. Just think about it. If you had been working on a leading-edge patent for years, you’d want to protect it.

That’s why the medical industry first turned to WebProof. Now they use it to develop everything from packaging to patents.

2. Correction and Translation Services:

Correction and translation companies service many different clients. Whether they’re creating books or films or working with corporate media – they often need a place to gather all the information they’re working with. That’s where WebProof can save the day, so that these companies can correct and translate content all in one place.

3. Printing Companies:

For printing houses, WebProof offers many tools to optimize their processes. Not only does centralizing their work in one place help them automate and scale, but they can also pair WebProof with other tools like InDesign to amplify their results.

4. Corporate Organizations:

In today’s corporate environment, being faster than your competition is a powerful advantage. That’s why many companies use online proofing to aid them not only in marketing, but also for whatever their content might need.

By using tools like WebProof, they can complete projects faster and cheaper than ever.

5. Retail Businesses:

Retail businesses never stop churning out new catalogs, brochures, and flyers. Not only can it be time expensive, but there are also many people involved. This means that if it’s not done right, the problems can be catastrophic.

What better way to manage these processes than an online proofing tool?

6. Newspapers:

Want to hear something incredible? More than 100,000 ads are approved though WebProof by newspapers and express users each year.

Besides the design process itself, these users can integrate proofing software with other areas of their business. For example, many of them combine WebProof with their news software. This provides them with a seamless workflow.

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Pretty cool right?

As you can see, an online proofing tool can be your company’s very best friend. It is the secret advantage that can help you get ahead of the pack. Imagine if you could get your projects done faster, cheaper, and more accurately than anyone else…

What kind of difference would that make for your company?

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you want to find out how WebProof can help you, we’d love to chat. In this way, we try to go above and beyond just offering great software. We’ll always do our best to help our clients integrate our tools into the heart of their projects.

Making sure your next project is your best project is our number one goal.

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