using proofing tools instead of email

Should You Switch From Email To An Online Graphic Proofing Tool?

Plus, How To Make The Most of It If You Do…

As a project manager in the graphic production industry, you know how tough juggling proofs can get. Managing deadlines, team members, and clients all at once is not a task for the faint of heart.

If, up until now, you’ve been handling your proofing process through email, then you’re very familiar with its limitations—you may even feel downright sick of them. Long unorganized messages, miscommunications, and difficulties comparing versions. All of which are a recipe for wasted time.

For those who find this a common occurrence, upgrading to an online proofing tool will undoubtedly take this weight off your shoulders. But before you dive in, we recommend that you read this short guide carefully.

Okay, Why Should I Upgrade?

To put it simply, you should upgrade if you’ve reached the point where doing so will be much less painful than sticking to your current process. You’ll know it’s time if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • You feel like you’re neck deep in emails and can’t keep up with the massive amount of editing that’s going on.
  • Your team is spiraling out of order and into chaos. Guidelines are not being followed, and you desperately need a way to regain control before you go mad.
  • Luck has run out, and disaster has struck. Maybe you lost money or a client because of mistakes that were made. We’ve all been there, it hurts.
  • Growth is on the horizon and you’re in the process of scaling your company or team. Now might be the time to fortify your proofing method to prevent bottlenecks down the road. Otherwise, you might end up wasting time on non-billable hours trying to fix mistakes.

switching to proofing tools instead of email

And What’s That Going To Cost?

The short answer is, it depends. What’s beautiful about WebProof is its ability to scale to fit your needs. Of course, this means the setup process varies too. To make it easy, we’ll break down our core online proofing tool offers below.

If You’re Flying Solo:

Our plan for individual freelancers is simple, FREE, and only takes minutes to set up. Once you’re up and running, getting to know the platform is just as easy.

If You’re A Small Team:

Our basic plan is ideal for small agencies or companies of any kind. It’s our cheapest paid plan, and you can expect to be up and running fast. If your team handles more than four basic graphic projects weekly, this plan is for you.

If You’re A Large Team:

For enterprise clients, we offer a tailored experience. This plan offers rich features, plenty of room for large teams, and total customizability. Depending on your needs, a few hours of training time is enough to bring everyone up to speed.

If You’re Looking For The Best:

The Premium plan is perfect for large companies that desire high performance. By integrating Webflow Server automation, we can drastically increase a team’s productivity. If you’re handling heavy amounts of proofing, WebProof Platinum will be your secret advantage.

So, What Comes Next?

When used correctly, online proofing tools can give your team a significant advantage over your competitors. By boosting productivity and staying organized, you’ll get projects done better and faster than ever.

Hopefully, you found this short guide helpful and can use this information to decide if an online proofing tool like WebProof is right for you. If you’re ready to take the next step, you can see the plans we mentioned here and sign up.

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