Stressful To Be A Project Manager?

Being a graphic production project manager can be very tough. Instead of focusing on the basic aspects of your work, you have to deal with endless emails and versions of PDF documents, which can be stressful.

Using some simple tools, we have created a solution to help you when you find yourself juggling clients, marketing managers, account managers, reviewers, designers, and others. Our solution helps you complete many of the tasks you have to deal with, including the following.

online proofing for project managers

Lots of Communication

Email is ineffective and slow. It requires you to constantly receive and send messages to share multiple versions of documents containing corrections. You have to combine all the corrections from everyone so the designer knows what to do, which can be very time-consuming.

With our cloud-based software, you no longer need to use email to share document versions because they are all stored in the cloud and everyone’s corrections are on the same page.

Not Knowing The Page-By-Page Project Status

To have a good overview of a project, you may place printouts of the latest version of all 32 pages on the walls around you. This allows you to review the pages from your desk, seeing which pages have been approved, which ones are with the designer, and which ones are with the client.

Instead, you may use an Excel spreadsheet that you constantly update, which is also quite time-consuming. Our solution gives you a real-time, page-by-page status overview on your computer screen.

Problems close to deadlines

Say that you need to pick up your child from kindergarten because he is sick, but you are close to the project deadline and it is important that you be at the office, where you have all your papers and can review the pages on the wall.

In a stressful situation such as this, you can go to WebProof in the cloud and access all the project information as long as you have access to the Internet, making deadlines less stressful.

Justifying the number of work hours to your client

When creating client invoices, it can be a pain to justify the number of work hours on the project. Doing so requires you to keep track of many documents, which can be very stressful and not economical. Our solution log can help you provide detailed documentation of the number of hours worked.

Can I try these tools?

Yes, you can try these amazing tools at no cost on your next project, giving you a detailed overview and increased performance. You can sign up for your free lifetime WebProof license and forget about emails, instead of getting corrections from everyone on the same version of a document.

The only thing you need to get this real-time, detailed, page-by-page status overview is internet access. Don’t worry about staying at home if your child is sick-all your project information is in the cloud.

Invoicing is a piece of cake because every action is logged. Why wait?

Get this for free at WebProof.