WebProof – 600% growth in 6 months

Over the past several years, WebProof, which is an online proofing service, has approved 5,000,000 pages each year through 500,000 logins from 100 countries.

On January 1, 2015, WebProof released a 4+4 license allowing users to use the service free without time limitations. This license has been hugely successful, with the number of active licenses increasing by 600% in just six months.

This increase came without any mentions in the press; the only information released was a written statement on the company’s website.

WebProof has many large, well-known brands as customers, including The LEGO Group, ICA, COOP etc. some which have 2,000+ users worldwide and 100,000 active projects each year.

In addition, designers and many small to medium-size agencies with five to several hundred users benefit from WebProof’s online proofing and project collaboration tools.

As Jan Adeltoft, CEO of WebProof says, “Our users are continuously positively surprised by the many hidden features they have discovered. Our customers say that WebProof is like a Pandora’s box and is a huge help in their daily work.”

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Because several campaigns will be announced around the world, the company expects that its overall expansion in 2015 will reach over 5,000%, primarily in the United States.

This expansion is possible because WebProof has moved completely to the Amazon Cloud, thereby enabling them to alter load balances and to increase processor speeds and storage capacity quickly.

Based on this expected expansion, WebProof is establishing a physical office in the United States, so U.S. customers will no longer experience any lags in services such as online support, which is now offered around the clock.

Jakob Adeltoft, founder, and president of WebProof Inc., recently moved to Florida with his family, where he will be responsible for building the new organization.

This growth has occurred alongside the programming of API, mobile viewing, website and video proofing features. These features will be released in 2015, and they are a natural development within our digital cross-media world.

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WebProof has undergone quiet organic growth since 2000 by concentrating on program development.

Today, the company may be one of the world’s most advanced online proofing solutions, allowing customers to edit text directly in WebProof.

This feature is available due to the advanced integration with the Adobe InDesign Server. However, their unique workflow, which involves automated file handling and the ability to send files around the world just by changing a status in the cloud – without any human interactions, has contributed to their success.

Further, they have obtained an AAA rating from Dun & Bradstreet, which only 2% of all companies have achieved. The company’s cautious economic approach has allowed them to finance their entire U.S. strategy themselves.

Get for free, WebProof.