Video release of “Why use WebProof?”

When new users first hear about WebProof, they often say, “I already use Adobe and send PDF proofs by email – why should I use WebProof?


With traditional email proofs you have a different document for each version of the proof. But in WebProof, you only have one document, where you can scroll back to earlier versions.When we explain that just one proof typically involves 18 emails between the designer, project manager, and customer, they can’t believe that’s true! But when we show them the quantities of emails in both the inbox and outbox of each user, they begin to understand the problem.

It’s easy for users to comment precisely wherever a correction is necessary, and everybody can see an overview, page-by-page and project-by-project, an overview that neither Adobe or most other product offers. When we show this to users, they’re convinced!

Silvan 30 minutes


But it’s difficult to explain and demonstrate this, so we’ve produced this video, “Why use WebProof?” The video gives a little insight into some other features of WebProof and how some of our major customers use them.



If your time is limited to watching only a very short WebProof demo, take a look at the newest ” Live use of WebProof” and as well see how a user creatively applied our free 3D Page-flip which includes a shopping basket function