Tips & Tricks: Attach Banner to Expressuser

Now and then, we remind WebProof users about a useful function that they might have forgotten. This time we will discuss a banner which you can add to any Expressuser. Here’s why:

1. If you send Express users to advertisers to approve an ad, you can make a banner offering the advertiser a 25% discount if he also books into another magazine, newspaper, etc.

2. If you want to offer tips for navigating in Expressuser, and/or place a link to a video or other value-adding pages, a banner’s a great place to do that.

3. If you want the Expressuser to give you feedback, place a link in the banner which opens a site for feedback, and maybe offer a small gift for those that comment.

As you see, it is only your imagination that limits how can use this banner to activate your client, now that you have that client on the screen. You can establish as many banners as you want and they will be added automatically to the Expressuser, according to your setup.

Thanks for being part of WebProof’s success. We hope you’ve enjoyed this newsletter and we wish you good luck!