Big Data at just one client


Big Data at just one client

At WebProof we have all types of customers in the field of graphic production. WebProof is used at small agencies with only a few designers as well as newspapers with 15,000 ads per month. We serve large retail groups with 1,000 of different flyers ranging from 8 to 16 pages per month and more. This means we handle quite a lot of data. On top of this, no client has more than 7% of our total turnover. We got a little impressed when we saw some yearly statistics from just one of our larger clients:

120,000 sticky notes
300,000 notifications
30,000 projects
100,000 log-ons
250,000 pages/versions
2,000 named users

At the same time, all our WebProof Basic users (10 users per license) are working on the same serverpark, offering their clients the same high services our larger customers do.
Here are some total yearly data for WebProof:

½ million log-ons
100 countries
5 million pages approved
100 million flip-pages

So we are used to handling large as well as small customers. After all, we’ve been on the market for 15 years now.