The Winner Proofed WebProof!

Here at WebProof we launched our new website and a range of social platforms at the beginning of March, and to set it off with a bang, we asked all of you to proof the website and send us the spelling mistakes you found – the spelling mistake we placed were in the News section ‘Neews’ on the UK site and ‘Nyhedder’ on the Danish version.


We thank all of you who participated, and are happy to
announce that Elisabeth Isaksson from the Swedish branch
of Panduro Hobby is the lucky winner of a brand new iPhone 5.

 We asked Elisabeth about her, her company, how a normal
working day pans out at Panduro I Malmö, how she sees
printed media in a digitalised world and much more. Here is
the lowdown on a graphic designer at Panduro Sweden:



Five fast ones

  • Hi, My name is… Elisabeth
  • I work at Panduro because… it is a fun company to work for, both the
    work and the people. Everyone seems happy with what they do.
  • Most people think we… only sell hobby materials for the more experienced and established hobby-lover.
  • But in reality, we… develop many of our own products at headquarters in Malmö, to adapt for all our customers.
  • A project, I want people to know, we did is… a book called “Hobby Guide”. Ideas, instructions and all you need to know about hobby materials.


The present and our future

We asked Elisabeth to explain us, what Panduro hobby is. Panduro is a retail shop and distributor of craft materials, a market leader in Scandinavia. As Elisabeth talked, it became clear that the employees at Panduro are proud of their product and regard Panduro as much more than a company that sells hobby products. Panduro focuses on its customers and strives to create an environment where the customer can develop their own.
“We always consider what the customer would like to create next and try to have those products for sale when the trend is active. We have a large range of basic products so the customer can always have the satisfaction of being able to create something with their own hands. We inspire the customer to express themselves through our products.”  Elisabeth says.

Elisabeth works as a graphic designer at Panduro Hobby, and this entails a wide range of projects.
“I work as a graphic designer for Panduro Hobby in the marketing department, in a team containing of project leaders, copywriters and art directors. We produce all printed matter (catalogues, flyers, magazines) for Panduro Hobby. I process the layouts and the art directors prepare them for print. It is my job to make sure the products in the layouts refer to the correct text, the pictures are correct and everything looks right.”
At Panduro many catalogues are produced and printed. The main catalogue, which is released in August every year, has a huge importance for Panduro. Panduro also has smaller graphic productions throughout the year, such as the Christmas magazine.

How does Elisabeth regard the graphic production at Panduro Hobby? Does she still believe in the printed media as a strong selling vehicle in a digitised world? Elisabeth responds with no hesitation;
“Our main marketing channel is without a doubt the main catalogue. I find it difficult to believe that all of this printed matter be replaced with digital. Our customers who are very loyal love our catalogues and magazines. Of course, we have an online web shop where customers can buy our products, find additional information on our items and campaigns, but to be totally digital would surely mean that we would lose certain clientele that are very important to us. So the short answer is; yes we still believe in the printed media and at Panduro Hobby it is very much alive!”

Thanks Elisabeth, and Panduro Hobby, for the interesting talk, and congratulations on your new iPhone.