WebProof InDesign plug-in

With the new, free InDesign plug-in, graphics can now be uploaded directly from InDesign to WebProof. This saves time, as PDF generation can now be a background process which reduces by hours the time taken saving a PDF and then uploading it. It is solutions like this that have made WebProof the preferred process-optimisation tool in graphic production. Not only does it save many hours of internal and external trivial processes, but WebProof also removes the need for large numbers of e-mails with attached PDF files, and provides an incredibly good real-time view. It requires no investment in hardware or software; the only requirement is access to the Internet. WebProof has more than 500,000 logons per year and has more than 10 million Page-Flips each month. With well-known users like The LEGO Group, Bang & Olufsen, Aller, DDB, COOP, Silvan, BAUHAUS and a myriad of other agencies, printers, newspapers and publishers, WebProof has proven its success worldwide.