WebProof celebrates its tenth anniversary

WebProof was established in 2000 as an online proofreading service, and at that time it was only for printers who wanted  fast customer acceptance of the RIPped pages, so that the printing could begin. Neither Agfa nor Creo, nor other suppliers to printers could at that time provide this service. Thus WebProof was big news at the huge PDF World Conference in Copenhagen in January 2000. One has to remember that at that time Google did not exist and e-mail was reserved mainly for companies, many of which typically used 54k Baud modems.

Much has happened during the last ten years, not only in the graphics industry, but also at WebProof, which today is used, not only for instant approval of RIPped pages, but even more so for the proofs in the production of the content in graphic tasks. Features offered include automatic Compare displaying changes between versions, group overviews of the status of multiple tasks, automated workflows on the local network, and the internet correction in InDesign, 3D Page-Flip, etc.

From being a tiny niche product service in Scandinavia, WebProof has shown the way to do online proofing and remains the leader in this field. The requirement for ongoing development is carried out with both internal developers and global experts. WebProof has logins of 500,000 a year from over 100 countries in which more than 4 million pages are approved annually – WebProof has a good share of the online proofing market.