WebProof version 7 final release

Higher revenues with WebProof! WebProof version 7 is now available. The main new features are web-to-print adequate InDesign correction features, 3D Page-Flip and Translate, which will probably be the most innovative feature yet. The 3D Page-Flip feature will be of great value for all current and many new customers as it is already part of the WebProof software and is supplied free. If you already pay for the use of 3D Page-Flip, you save this cost. By using WebProof for online proofing, we help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 300,000 kg. In addition, WebProof uses electricity supplied only from wind turbines and other renewable energy sources, both in our offices and the server park. In addition, WebProof is also actively contributing toward a better environment by planting a tree every month for each of our customers.