WebProof Launches the NEW Adobe Illustrator Plugin


WebProof continues with its practice of supporting graphic and design industry professionals with the latest improvements and upgrades. This time, Adobe Illustrator has got a new WebProof plugin. This is especially great news for users creating packaging, labels, and posters.

“As you already know, Adobe InDesign already has our plugin. So, we are talking about a new plugin for Adobe Illustrator with the same features. We are letting all WebProof users know that the latest Illustrator plugin version 1.2.2 is available for download,” explains Jakob Adeltoft, founder of WebProof.

Thanks to this useful new plugin WebProof users can send their designs directly from Adobe Illustrator to proofing. As a result, their designs can be approved in matter of seconds.

Jakob Adeltoft believes that this new plugin has a lot to offer to WebProof users: “The great thing about our new Illustrator Plugin is that our users don’t have to produce a PDF file, because this is done in the background. It goes without saying that this option, including other plugin’s features, are huge time savers. All of this eventually leads to increased profit for our users.”

WebProof has built a remarkable reputation as a reliable and easy to use solution, which aims to eliminate all stress and minimize the time required for the proofing process. With more than five million designs approved annually through WebProof, this new plugin definitely comes in handy for numerous graphic and design professionals.