7 Amazing Benefits of WebProof Page-Flip


Our free Page-Flip lets you show your work in magazine-style. It creates an engaging experience for your customers, who will then spend more time on your website. Studies have shown that website visitors stay three times longer when reading dynamic pages compared with standard PDF files. With Page-Flip, you can publish your projects instantly on the web, or on the App Store. It lets you add video and web links. You can access the documents on your mobile devices. You can even learn what your users are doing, which will help you to improve your marketing efforts.

Publishing Projects on the Web
Do you want to publish an online magazine? Page-Flip to attract readers to your site with its immersive interactive format. It’s only one click away.

Compatible with Android and iOS
Do you have a phone or tablet at hand? No problem. You can use your phone or tablet to see the publication – no need to carry a laptop around or find a desktop computer.

Add Videos and Web Links
Want to add a video or an external link? With Page-Flip, not only can you include pictures, but also videos and web links. It is, indeed, a modern reimagining of the classic magazine.

Learn What Your Users Want



We use heat maps to show how users interact with your content. They provide you with detailed statistics of their habits and preferences.
Marketing departments love this function.


Create an Online Store Catalog

WebProof lets you do this easily. For work that is more complex, our tools can help you create a catalog very quickly. It’s possible to create a huge interactive catalog in no time by using our Catalogue Builder, our InDesign server, and a custom XML file.
Producing an online Page-Flip catalog takes less than 10 minutes.

Shopping Basket 

Shopping_Basket_Dantec_WebProofAre you thinking of establish a shopping site?
In that case, you are already aware of it’s high cost.
Or perhaps you already have one.
Either way, you can add a Shopping Basket to your free WebProof Page-Flip at no cost.
As your client is going through your catalog on the web, he or she can click on products to add them to a shopping list. That list can then be send to you or somebody else.

It’s Free! That’s the Best Part

With our Page-Flip license, you can create up to 1 million interactive Page-Flips each year at no cost to you, when you use Enterprise. The Free WebProof license includes 100.000 and WebProof Basic 500.000 free Page-Flips per year. Our Page-Flip feature is very popular. You can use it for online publishing and proofing, and it even helps your marketing efforts with built-in user tracking, so you can see what your customers are doing.

Again, best of all, it is free of charge.