WebProof’s Technical Director (CTO), Jakob Vedel Adeltoft, turns 34 today.

WebProof has come a long way, and Jakob is responsible, in large part, for this success.

Jakob Vedel Adeltoft, one of the founders of WebProof, is truly an entrepreneur by heart. From an early age he showed his passion and talent for business by selling used books from a cart at the local train station. At 10 years old, Jakob was prohibited, by his headmaster from reselling 30,000 magnets he had bought cheaply from a scrap dealer. (The headmaster thought that the commercial activity disrupted the children’s education.) Jakob just needed the good idea; as his interest for IT developed, a path began to show itself.

Jakob designed the first, very simple, version of WebProof in 1998. After an educational trip to DRUPA and the first PDF World Conference in Copenhagen in 2000, WebProof’s success as one of the first online collaboration and proofing solutions became more and more evident.

Now with more than 50,000 users in over 100 countries, WebProof continuously breaks down barriers and simplifies and automates the graphic production and proofing workflow.

Most WebProof users are advertising agencies and larger retail chains. WebProof has reduced its users’ production costs tremendously and optimised production time.

Jakob Vedel Adeltoft is a global entrepreneur of our age, who has succeeded in growing his company and product even during the world economic recession of the past couple of years.
In 2012, WebProof received a Gazelle Award from the Danish newspaper Børsen, which acknowledges the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

Despite having a solid global vision and fast-growing company, Jakob has kept his feet on the ground and his heart in his (also fast-growing) family and its business. We congratulate Jakob and look forward to the next decade.