Best LEAN model seen to date

WebProof was chosen by Berlingske Media’s external consultants, who are experts in LEAN, as the best LEAN model seen to date for ad handling, booking, material receiving, production, up to ad approval, and delivery to 56 newspapers. The LEAN principles can be divided into five concepts:

1.    Indentifying what gives value to customers (internal employees are also customers).

2.    Identifying the value chain that creates values, including the elimination of waste.

3.    Creating flow in the value chain, minimizing time wastage and removing

4.    Creating order-driven extraction of the value chain and short lead times.

5.    Creating continuous improvement to statistics and monitoring changes.

LEAN can and should be used in any manufacturing organisation, to ensure the most economical manufacturing cost and the highest quality. For WebProof it was great recognition from independent LEAN experts.