NEW: Automatic catalogue and magazine production

If you have an XML file from other software (e.g. FrameMaker or other ERP Metadata software) that can be delivered to WebProof, a catalog will be auto-produced in ‘no time’ with the WebProof InDesign Engine. The pages are completely finished with colours, shadows, typeface etc. corresponding to the XML file’s content (text, images and logo ID) and in relation to selected templates, where  each page can have different layouts. Users have for several years been able to perform text changes directly in InDesign, through the easy WebProof interface. Very simple and practical, as the graphic designer time is reduced to a minimum, the result is huge economic benefit and a big time-saver. Users don’t need any graphic background – the only requirement is Internet access. This know-how to the “brain” of InDesign has allowed WebProof quite simply to extend its solution to include automatic catalogue and magazine production. BAUHAUS in Denmark, Norway and Iceland is a good example of companies that have moved over to WebProof Automatic Catalogue Production.