Pharmaceutical industry uses WebProof, now also in US

WebProof has been used for many years by the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, because WebProof can easily be tailored for a detailed specific workflow, which medical clients use in their approval processes. This requires knowledge of all processes that are involved in an approval, especially within the pharmaceutical industry where there is zero tolerance for errors. Documentation, logging, encryption, ongoing penetration checks and all other security requirements within the IT and proofing processes are just as important, again especially within the pharmaceutical industry: only when these systems have been approved – can you become a supplier to this industry.

Purohit Navigation in the US offers integrated healthcare brand solutions. After an extensive market survey and a proof of concept, they found that WebProof was the Best in Class, and now they are using WebProof internally as well as with suppliers and clients. Purohit Navigation is very professional, and they were very detailed in their requirements, so we are proud to be the company they chose to handle their extensive proofing processes.