New orders in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark

New orders in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, etc. advertising agencies worldwide have realized that their customers want to have a real-time overview of their work, as well as both clients and agencies wanting better documentation and also real-time overview of all their current graphics tasks. Among the more well-known agencies WebProof was taken up not only by Ogilvy and DDB, but also by several other smaller agencies. Many of these licences are WebProof Platinum, where end-users can perform proofreading text changes directly in the original InDesign documents, without the need for software or hardware – the only requirement is internet access. Anyone, even without graphical experience, can do this, directly from the traditional WebProof user interface. As well as saving money for the companies, it saves much time and prevents misunderstandings between the users and the graphics providers.