Correction in PDF through WebProof

Making corrections in high-resolution PDF files is now possible in WebProof. This has been added in response to requests from our printer clients, regardless of the workflow and whether they are using Adobe, Fujifilm, Kodak, Creo, Eskographic, or Screen, etc. WebProof was specifically asked if we could enable customers to make simple text corrections in the high-resolution PDF files themselves, in the very intuitive user interface and without any additional cost. WebProof has been able to enable this to everyone’s satisfaction so that end-users can now implement simple last-minute text fixes, without involving graphic designers or other people. This is saving our customers’ time and money, and mistakes. The only requirement is that clients should have access to the internet. WebProof “talks” to the local workflow, whether it is Apogee, Prinergy, Celebrant XMF, Nexus, Gradual Switch workflow, Pitstop, OneVision or Asura, etc.