US Music Catalogues on WebProof

Licence sales in the USA. With its 24/7 free hotline worldwide, WebProof is geared to serving customers regardless of whether they are based in Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia. Currently we have users in more than 100 countries. One of our most recent customers in the USA is a company on the West Coast that produces catalogue. Although many people, including vendors, product managers, purchasing managers and, marketing controllers, are involved in the approval of every single page, this now takes less than 24 hours. We have many WebProof customers and a 24-hour turnaround, that includes the involvement of many individuals may be an ideal target for everyone. By maximizing the use of the Internet and SMS, the workflow can continue even if people are absent, travelling, off sick, in meetings, or have other work pressures. No matter where you are, you can receive an SMS on your mobile that a proof has to be checked. You can then access the proof at the nearest internet-enabled computer and check it. This will then automatically trigger a message to the next person in the proofreading workflow.