Introducing: WebProof Basic, WebProof Enterprise and WebProof Platinum

WebProof officially releases new packaging design for three ‘boxed’ products: WebProof Basic, WebProof Enterprise, and WebProof Platinum.

Enterprise and Platinum are equivalent to our current well-known products, but WebProof Basic is brand new.  It is an economical version of Enterprise, designed for low-volume use while maintaining the full set of proofing functions.

WebProof Basic is developed mainly for smaller companies where 10 users would be adequate.  These companies, as they grow, can still add more users or upgrade to WebProof Enterprise at any time.

WebProof Basic is also suited for companies that issue a catalogue just once a year, but still containing many pages and, several people involved in the proofing process – all drowning in emails, of course.

In combination with the new WebProof Basic package, and new packaging design, WebProof is also releasing its new website design, which has been unchanged for several years.

The website is now more informative and solution-based, while trying not to be too technical.  Over time, this new web site will be updated with several more videos.